boating Policies

Boat Condition
RentChicagoBoats does a basic cleaning of every boat in our fleet prior to you leaving the dock. Each client receives the boat in a clean, supply provisioned, and well-cared-for manner.

​We expect you to return the boat in the same condition you have received it in or expect to pay immediately for the clean-up fee upon your return.

The following cleaning fees will be assessed:

$300 party pontoons
$600 for our yacht

Illinois Public Intoxication Laws!

Please make the boating event the focus and let your beverages compliment your event experience. Illinois gets serious about drinking and driving on the boat and it warrants a ticket and a trip to the pokey. Excessive behavior will be unacceptable. Your safety and enjoyment is our priority.

Have a Designated Driver? Great come early and demonstrate your skills on our vessels. If you get there late and it cuts into your time…Oops too bad! LOL!


As a courtesy to our clients we post a list of captains available to serve you who do not work for CW except for Patrick. If you hire one of these captains and he screws up, we deal with you, and he solves the problem for you! If the captain is late, the captain needs to pay for his lateness by reimbursement or paying for his time and extended boat time to you and then you would pay us. Just because he’s on our website does not mean we are responsible for his/her actions. Your hire is responsible to you, not us!

Hard Liquor Consumption!

We reserve the right to limit you to 1-2 bottles of hard liquor regardless of the number of guests on board or of the length of time any boat is chartered. Damage does occur and miscommunication happens with hard liquor and we will not tolerate misbehavior. We will call the police if a guest gets out of hand.


We reserve the right to discontinue our service without a refund, if the charterer cannot control their guests after one warning! Safety first along with courteous fun is what we’ll support.

If you need a designated captain who is familiar with our boat’s operation, please contact one of the following names and negotiate their rate directly with them. They don’t work for us, they work for you!

​​​​​​​​​​RentChicagoBoats requires the boating client to pay for the boat in advance to secure the boat, date, and timeline with cash or credit cards VISA, MC, Discover or American Express Cards Accepted (+ a cc surcharge).  

  • Yes, a 45 minute contract, boat inspection, and roster can be expected upon your arrival. A roster of your guests and emails is expected for insurance purposes.

  • NO SKILL OR DRINKING MUST hire a Captain below. You negotiate with them their rate and they work for you. ​

  • Captains for Yacht or Pontoon
    Capt Antoine (708) 574-5902
    Capt Rosalie (773) 640-0116
    Capt Cynthia (704) 516-6740 
    Capt John (847) 867-3837 
    Capt Jeff (816) 260 8935 
    Capt Lee (616) 594-9411​
    Capt Larry (815) 558-7544
  • Captains for Pontoon Only!
    Capt Derrick (773) 709-0378
    Capt Ben White (773) 294-5600
    Capt La Mar (773) 619-4346 .  
  • "MAKE SURE if you SAY you will get back to the Captain, you do just that to secure them, otherwise you'll wind up without a captain."  
  • We don't know your skill, so those who have owned a boat in their past must prove it and then participate in watching a safety video and take a fun test when done. It helps remind you about boater safety.​ (THIS IS NOT A CAPTAINS TRAINING VIDEO.)                                   

(RID definition)
Refundable Insurance Deductible, varies per boat. It will be returned to you after the return inspection when no damage, gas fee is paid or replenished, and when all other obligations are met or paid for, your fees are paid out or returned. Boat RID insurance deposit is authorized on the day of event, prior to leaving the dock. Boat deductibles are held by credit card or with cash!

Party Yacht RID – $3,550
Party Pontoon Boats – $2,550

Cancellations / Rain Checks
Inclement weather does happen on an occasion. We don't cancel because of weather. Boats can motor away from the weather as weather does travel too. All Deposits on Charter/Rental Boats have 1-month out for a 50% refund, after that there will be no refund on the full expected boat fee to be paid whether you do the boating event or not. We make all determination at the dock and the client must be present on day for rain check. We do offer Rain Checks for another timeline that day or close in proximity to a same or similar day cause we know how special your day is. Most times it’s tough getting everybody together, so let’s try to make your event happen.

Obligation Fees
These fees are for extra services supplied by RentChicagoBoats or late fees, non-refill of yacht gasoline, loss of income as a consequence of being late through written agreement and include: catering fees, decoration fees, delivery services, tips, etc. The client will be expected to handle all obligation fees separately and in advance as discussed or upon return of our vessel back to our dock, if not sooner.

Obligation Fees include:

  • Your late return (We will charge your credit card at the hour of expected return for extra time used),

  • Damage or Missing parts to the boat,

  • Incorrect gas level,

  • Unclean boat,

  • Loss or damage to property,

  • Any loss of earnings from the boat not being available to other clients until the damage is repaired

  • all immediately upon your return with our boat(s) with your credit card.

  • If your late return negatively effects the waiting charterers use of the boat – a “2-hour minimum rental charge” for overuse and loss of time will be charged to your cc that night. RentChicagoBoats will be on the hook to compensate the next charterer with time because of your lateness, and the added time will be your expense. Likewise to the effect, no extra charge other than the specific hourly boat fee(s) and proper gas refill will be made if there isn’t a charter immediately after yours.

  • If RentChicagoBoats loses the next charter waiting because of your lateness, you will be charged for the next charter as well.

Day of Event
Charterer must arrive at boat a minimum of one (1) hour for RID payment (fee/tax/insurance) and usage contract review and signing. A boat inspection and safety equipment review is expected. For Insurance liability purposes every passenger on your boat fills out your boating roster and you would include your float plan.


  • Pricing
  • Calendar
  • Rain Checks
  • Gasoline Policy, Gas Stations Contact Phone Numbers
  • Scheduling Policy
  • Boating Accessories
  • REMINDER we take CASH, Corporate Check with 3 weeks to clear, VISA, MC, Discover, & American Express.

RentChicagoBoats is our bare-boat charter division.

  • USCG rules are you hire a boat & Your Own Captain
  • Replenish the gas used unless otherwise stated
  • Pay the insurance deposit
  • Return the boat and accessories in same condition received in, and;
  • If you desire to drive our party pontoon boat yourself take our video class and test and further provide proof of experience, knowledge of waterway rules, and be listed on the contract, or hire a licensed captain, unless you have taken our elite level captain’s college previously.

RentChicagoBoats allows:

  • BYO food and beverage,
  • You Return Boat in Same Condition Received,
  • See our Policies/Capt link for our posted Clean-Up Charges,
  • You to Decorate our boats for birthdays, bachelorette and holiday boat parties.

RentChicagoBoats Q & A:

  • YES…You can get hurt or you can hurt the people on the boat you’re driving if, you don’t know what you are doing or if you drive intoxicated.
  • YES…If you damage our boats, you are liable to us whether you drive it or hire a captain.
  • YES…Captains are your hire and YES…they are liable to you for their actions or inaction, and you are liable to us.
  • YES…If a friend drives the boat, Your friend must now be listed on boat rental contract; And YES…You are liable for their (your friend acting as captain) action or inaction!
  • YES…Our insurance carrier may go after you for damages beyond your deductible, if they deem that your actions were of someone who didn’t take care of our asset as agreed.
  • YES…If drinking and driving, the insurance is null and void, and you are personally liable to CW for all problems if any.
  • YES…We will expect immediate remedy to these issues created by you.

Leasing and Bare-boat chartering is fun and easy. Captains are listed below! We adhere to USCG regulations, harbor master rules wherever we/you/the boat are / is. We appreciate your courtesy and cooperation.

Day of Event
Charterer must arrive at boat a minimum of one (1) hour for RID payment (fee/tax/insurance) and usage contract review and signing. A boat inspection and safety equipment review is expected. For Insurance liability purposes every passenger on your boat fills out your boating roster and you would include your float plan.

3 Simple Rules

  • No Smoking on ANY Boat.
  • Keep Shoes OFF the Upholstery.
  • Treat RCB assets with Respect.

Boat Damaged
If boat damage occurs, clients will remain with manager to review damage, clients RID will be held with the boat management until all remedies have been supported and paid for. All boat damage will be assessed by the owner within 72 hours of usage and or by the insurance carrier as their timing deems necessary.

Gas Replenishment
Gas is settled either during your event by the charterer or at the home-base dock immediately upon your return during final boat inspection.

* Most Gas Stations Close at 7:00-8:00pm weekends (earlier during the week).
Your choices to pay for gas are:

  • Pay Pump Pricing if pumped by Charterer during the event,
  • Work Out a Post Payment Plan in Writing with the Dock Captain Prior to departure or;
  • Pay Double the current on-water pump pricing if pumped by ChicagoWaterCraft + $100 captain / travel fee. (strictly enforced).
  • Planning the Timing of Your Trip…Don’t Forget to Pump the Gasoline on the Lakefront

Gas Stations & PHONE NUMBERS

See CW Links Below
Belmont Harbor, Diversey Harbor, Burnham Harbor, 31st Street Harbor

River City Marina, 800 S. Wells St, M7, Chicago, IL 60607 US

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